What's Your Weather Like?

  • Cloudy, rainy, not too hot or too cold. A bit windy. Most would hate it. I actually love it, I grew up with this kind of weather. Love seeing the parched flora getting well watered too. Everything very lush and verdant out.

    Everyone! Have a great day!!

  • These past few weeks we've had rain, sun and strong winds knocking branches off trees. Not bad for the summer.

    Ontario is still in major lockdown and if you fancy a pint, you need to sit out on the patio and put up with the climate.:/

  • It's been hotter than hell lately here in California. There is no more lockdown, yet half the people haven't been vaccinated. No one has to show proof of vaccination to enter a store or restaurant. No masks required. I predict COVID round 2 will be here by fall. I am surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who have all been sucked into the conspiracy hype. They refuse to be vaccinated.

  • two footnotes to the previous two comments:

    One - the city of Wuppertal in the valley of the Wupper river is among the areas hit hard by floods in the last couple of days.

    Two - more than a hundred people died in the floods. "Crossing Jordan river" or, more literally, "going over the Jordan river" is a colloquial term for dying.

    (I don't think Murdock was smiling when he posted )

    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • Sorry to hear about this. Sad news.

  • Pictures speak louder than words:


    (click the yellow button in the centre of the preview picture, then you can navigate through the gallery)

    Floods turned parts of the German mid-west into a war zone. Other parts of our country have been flooded too in the mean time, however not as bad. Neighbour countries Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland seem to face similar problems, Austria might be next.
    Meanwhile: only yesterday, an American friend told me about the crazy heat wave in Florida. Which is still nothing compared to California - or Canada. Same seems to go for Northern Africa, and, to a milder extent, to Russia.

    At this point I am finding myself thankful I am not drowning nor getting fried.

  • We are under a Heat Advisory on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore. Heat Index Values are supposed to reach 107 f this afternoon. How did I ever survive with no AC at home, school or college? Just a bunch of fans blowing hot, muggy air on us. We just dealt with it. I’m not the man I used to be. TGFAC.

  • ^ I feel for you guys sweltering in these steamy conditions. Here in Scotland we've had good sunny weather and while by our standards it's been quite warm it's nowhere near approaching what I'm reading about in the US.

    I'm back home in the Highlands after a week in Edinburgh and both locations have recently had heavy downpours - I was in the middle of a relentless all-day one in Edinburgh on Monday as I trudged soggily around the city from one festival venue to another. At one show I could only just about hear the performers' dialogue over the roar of rain hammering the roof of the temporary venue for the duration of the production.

    Back home on the Black Isle now and it started sunny but is now a grey, heavy-looking but broken sky, also very windy and quite cool. I think you US chaps would love it!

    Abandon all reason

  • Still very hot in Italy, but we haven't been to areas (or left them early enough) where they had more than 40°C. A week to go in Tuscany and Lake Garda.




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