Your favorite tracks on ... "Genesis"

  • Your favorite tracks on "Genesis" - pick THREE 90

    1. Mama (76) 84%
    2. That's All (21) 23%
    3. Home By The Sea (47) 52%
    4. Second Home By The Sea (48) 53%
    5. Illegal Alien (4) 4%
    6. Taking It All Too Hard (8) 9%
    7. Just A Job To Do (10) 11%
    8. Silver Rainbow (23) 26%
    9. It's Gonna Get Better (27) 30%

    Happy new year everybody!

    I'd like to carry on with the album song polls. So this time it's Genesis - or the album knows as "Shapes". Select three tracks as usual

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    Just A Job To Do, Silver Rainbow and Mama

    Home By The Sea and Second Home By The Sea are two tracks on that record, and they would be #5 and #4 in my personal favorites list.

  • Mama is imo a classic, one of the best , if not the best Phil's vocal performances and the way Genesis should have gone in the 80s to remain both relevant and still be Genesis.

  • I agree that Mama is one of their best tracks period and one of Phil's best vocals. I also picked Second Home By the Sea. I then wrestled between IGGB, Silver Rainbow, and JaJtD. IGGB won out, but I like the other two a lot.

  • Mama, Home By The Sea and Silver Rainbow (I wanted to choose Second Home By The Sea, but I also wanted to make sure Silver Rainbow got some credit, such a great little track!)

  • The first three - Home By The Sea is my favourite Genesis song. That's All was the song that started pushing me towards being a major fan when I realised how great it was. Mama goes without saying.

  • Mama, Home by the sea and Just a job to do

    tough to pick three, though!

    Just a job to do is a real grower. I didn't like that song at all for a long times but now it's in my all time favorites playlist

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • Never understood why they separated HBTS on the record into two parts.

    Now there's a question... why is HBTS/SHBTS two tracks on the record & CD, but Domino is only one track?

    The CD track division between HBTS/SHBTS always seemed wrong to me as well. It happens at a seemingly random point during the quiet interlude in the middle. I would think it should happen as the drums for SHBTS come in.

    In the poll I picked Mama & Just A Job To Do. I guess HBTS/SHBTS would be my third choice, but I would have had to pick just one of them.

    As for IGGB... well, I've probably made my feelings about that track clear by now.

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    For this poll, it was correct to separate the parts as two tracks (as it is on the album actually), but I agree that this makes little sense when you see the whole picture. On The Way We Walk and Live Over Europe it's also only one track.

  • BTW, something HBTS/SHBTS and Domino have in common, besides being 2-part pieces: The two parts of each one appeared on singles separately from each other.

    - HBTS was a single.

    - SHBTS was the B-side to That's All.

    - In The Glow Of The Night was the B-side to Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.

    - The Last Domino was the B-side to Invisible Touch.

    In retrospect, it strikes me as odd for SHBTS and The Last Domino to appear on any record out of context without their respective "first" parts. They don't really sound like "standalone" tracks.

    “When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.’” -- Yogi Berra

  • Harold

    Changed the title of the thread from “Your favorite tracks on "Genesis"” to “Your favorite tracks on ... "Genesis"”.
  • ... nevertheless, interesting to see that pt1 of HBTS seems to be more popular than pt2 ...?

    I'm not terribly surprised. The studio version isn't particularly exciting, and while it makes the whole of Home By The Sea more interesting, it simply isn't as strong or engaging as the first half of the song.