Your favorite tracks on Dance Into the Light

  • Your favorites songs of Dance Into the Light 10

    1. Dance Into the Light (4) 40%
    2. That's What You Said (0) 0%
    3. Lorenzo (8) 80%
    4. Just Another Story (4) 40%
    5. Love Police (1) 10%
    6. Wear my Hat (1) 10%
    7. It's In Your Eyes (0) 0%
    8. Oughta Know By Now (4) 40%
    9. Take Me Down (0) 0%
    10. The Same Moon (2) 20%
    11. River So Hide (3) 30%
    12. No Matter Who (0) 0%
    13. The Times They Are A-Changing (1) 10%

    I Open this topic to what your's three favorites songs of Dance Into the Light.

    For me, my favorite song of the album was the title-track. This track was the best song of the album, but also one of the few very good songs of the album. I like the sound, the vibe and also the music video of this song, his best music video of his career (with Both Sides of the Story). A contrast of the dark and experimental sound of Both Sides. It's a shame to the Dance Into the Light was very so-so.

    In fact, depiste this was very inferior to Both Sides, Face Value and ...But Seriously, this album included few goods songs like It's In Your Eyes and the title track, also Wear my hat was not so bad to listen with a entraining and african styles (used before to Hand in Hand and Survivors before this album).

  • I went for Just Another Story, The Same Moon & River So Wide, but not with much enthusiasm.

    The problem was the sound and the songs in this album, it's irriting at some times in the album and included more bad songs to good songs. At the opposite, Both Sides was very dark and very experimental, not a joyful album, but so much better to Dance Into the Light and Testify and the last very good of him. In fact, Both Sides and ...But Seriously was her highlest of her creativity. It's a shame this album was but i not imangined then he recording a more worse album later (Testify was a horror, i like only two songs of the album, the rest was so much bad).

    But i remember to listen the title track because my mother have the ...Hits Collection in CD and she listen many times a weeks.