Your favorite tracks on ... "A Trick Of The Tail"

  • Your favorite tracks on "A Trick Of The Tail" - pick THREE 80

    1. Entangled (46) 58%
    2. Ripples (41) 51%
    3. Los Endos (37) 46%
    4. Dance On A Volvano (35) 44%
    5. Mad Man Moon (30) 38%
    6. Squonk (29) 36%
    7. Robbery, Assault And Battery (11) 14%
    8. A Trick Of The Tail (8) 10%
  • I went for Dance, Entangled and Ripples.

    Dance is vibrant, clever and dynamic and a re-birth for the band so it has a natural exuberance. Ripples is just an achingly beautiful set of chords and melody, superbly sang and performed by all musicians, with a solo from Steve that does what we'd come to expect from him by adding to the atmosphere and drama - taking its time and understating itself. Entangled was one of a number I could have chosen in third place but won for similar reasons to Ripples and is very evocative. I have a real soft spot for the title track as I used to sing my kids to sleep with it, with a voice that wouldn't stand up to any scrutiny beyond home but didn't traumatise them too much. I liked that Genesis could produce a little whimsical number, a bit like the Beatles did with Yellow Submarine, Octopus's Garden etc

  • My first two choices are Entangled & Mad Man Moon, two pieces that sound downright magical to me. For third choice I could have gone a few different ways but went with Los Endos.

    Side note: What I find interesting about Los Endos is that it's almost entirely made up of pieces of other songs. Besides the obvious reprises of Dance & Squonk (and the little Supper's Ready quote at the end), most of its melody is merely a fast arrangement of the opening theme taken from It's Yourself. If I recall correctly there's just one little theme in there that doesn't reference anything else.

    In spite of all that, it's really a great tune, isn't it?

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  • Entangled, Squonk and Ripples, the latter just edging out Dance on a Volcano. Tough choices from a consistently good album, where the title track and Robbery bring up the rear.


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  • For me Dance on a "Volvano" and Squonk were easy, but I had a tough time choosing number three between Ripples, Entangled, and Los Endos. Today Los Endos won, but it's hard to choose on an album with so many truly great songs.

  • Dance, Entangled and Los Endos. DOAV because it's not only a great song, but it might be the most important song for the band having to prove themselves after Peter left. The first few notes followed by thunderous base pedals show they didn't lose a beat. What an intro! Los Endos is my favorite on the album. The third could have easily been Ripples or Squonk. Went with Entangled because that's the one I'm digging of the 3 right now.

    I truly like every song on this album even the quirky RA&B and title track. Mad Man Moon is an outlier which I know gets a lot of love from the fan base. It's a good song and I like it, but it's never "clicked" for me-I just don't get it. But I also recognize that problem lies with me and not the folks who love the song.

  • This is my favourite Genesis album, I love every track. But forced to choose three, I went with Entangled, Ripples, and Robbery. I almost went with Mad Man Moon as the third choice, but three wistful tracks seems unbalanced. :) Seriously though, people can choose any three they like from this one and I wouldn't question the choices.

    Robbery doesn't get as much love, but it's a brilliant track IMO. That middle section is just stunning!

  • Dance On A Volcano, Squonk, Mad Man Moon.

    Mad Man Moon is also now my favourite song on the album, replacing Dance on a Volcano (which was my favourite on it for over a decade).