Old Forums And Members

  • I have been a member of various genesis forums over the years , only ever used Shadow as my name , I know lots of people went over to Facebook when the Official forum closed its doors and I did for a while but it wasn’t for me , but I still miss past members I won’t say names as it wouldn’t be fair , there was a awful lot of love on there , chat room was fun

  • Yes - I agree. I miss the old genesis-music.com forum too. It was a wonderful meeting/chatting place and a great repository of good Genesis information.

    It should give us all something to work towards! :) I am already enjoying my time here, and I was very grateful that Krissy gave us a nice forum at Conforums before it went belly-up.

    Many familiar faces here already - no doubt there will be many more. :thumbup: Thank you, Christian, for opening up your doors here!

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Yes, I am grateful to have this forum when so many are closing down these days - thank you.

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