Your favorite tracks on ... "US"

  • It's still my favourite of PG's albums, because it touches me in a way none of the other albums do. I think he must have been in a very deep/spiritual place at the time he made this album.

    I know what you mean, this album has grown over time. I touches me more today than it did ... 30 years ago (ouch!)

    favorites: Come talk to me, Digging and Secreot world.

    I also like Washing of the water, but the Jools Holland version, not the Us album version

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • This album seems to have a "logical" top three. Nevertheless I thought Love To Be Loved and Washing Of The Water would perform better.




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  • I also love Steam but It's just a bit too similar to the mighty Sledgehammer. As for Kiss That Frog I don't think it's meant to be taken that seriously.

    I agree about the similarities between Sledgehammer and Steam. And for that matter I lump Kiss That Frog into the same category of those two songs—uptempo with a heavy wink toward sexual innuendos. My take is that PG was trying to recapture the musical—and commercial—magic of Sledgehammer.