Your best ever Genesis (-related) concert was ...

  • ... being (a bit) inspired by the first Genesis concert thread, I thought it might be interesting to learn more about our own concert history and what we consider the best gigs we have attended individually.

    My Top 3:

    Peter Gabriel - Arena di Verona 2011

    Steve Hackett - London Royal Albert Hall 2014

    Genesis - Twickenham 2007

    There are more shows I could talk about, but Verona was special due to the setting and length (and quality). I really enjoyed the Royal Albert Hall with Steve and special guests, i.e. Ray Wilson and the late John Wetton.

    And then there was this Twickenham show by Genesis. For some reason, it had a special atmosphere and quality, also in comparison with other shows of that tour I saw (Brussels, Dusseldorf)...

    What about you?

  • Difficult ...


    I saw them on every tour since 1992.

    Probably London 2022 was my favorite. I also liked the band a lot more in 2022 than in 2007.


    Montreal 2002 and Brighton 2003 are possibly my favorites. And maybe the first Wolfsburg show in 2012


    The 1998 Big Band show blew me away, What a great performance! Then A Trip Into The Light in Dortmund 1997


    Night of the Prog 2015


    Gelsenkirchen 2002 and Essen 2006 - the latter was a pure Stiltskin show - no Genesis




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  • The reunion, Milton Keynes 1982, by a country mile. But I've banged on about that amazing night on other threads, so I won't bore everyone again.

    Just ask anyone who was there.

  • Brighton 2003 was excellent, but my favourite shows of his were Hammersmith '83 and 2011 and Earls Court '93 (one of the best tours I've ever witnessed).

    Collins's Big Band show left me somewhat cold, though I was expecting that. However, it was great to see him back behind the kit for a full show.

    As for Genesis, the 1992 indoor shows were an unexpected marvel. I also really enjoyed the '98 tour (Earls Court excepted).

  • Genesis: London Lyceum Ballroom May 1980 (the BBC filmed one) - the thrill of seeing them up close in such a small venue.

    Glasgow Hydro, Oct 2021. Knowing it was the first of my final Genesis gigs gave it poignancy. It's also the only time I've done the full VIP thing so that made it special too. As did winning the quiz.

    Special mention for Shepton Mallet Showering Pavilion Sep 1982, a really nice setlist balancing the old and new, and that stunning Supper's Ready on the last tour they ever did a complete rendition of it.

    I also have fond memories of the first times I saw Gabriel and Hackett, Mar/Jul 80. The Secret World show I saw at London Earls Court was very memorable too.

    Abandon all reason

  • Peter Gabriel - 2016 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour w/Sting at the Hollywood Bowl. It was my first time seeing the both of them in concert.

    Phil Collins - 2019 Still Not Dead Yet Tour in Dallas. It was special because it was my first and last time to see Phil perform his solo music, and it was great fun to have floor seats. Makes the experience completely different. It was surreal to finally see especially him, but also Daryl, Leland, Ronnie, Harry Kim and the rest band, with my own eyes versus through DVD.

    Genesis - 2021 The Last Domino! Tour in Charlotte. It was special because it was my first and last time to see Genesis in concert. I cried when opening notes played for Behind the Lines (never cried before at a concert but the emotion of the evening got me), the lighting was incredible. I'd always heard through books and documentaries about Genesis innovation with lighting, and screens, but it was another thing to actually experience it. It was wonderful to see Mike and Tony with my own eyes, and not on a DVD.

  • I've been a fan since the late 70s but it seems I went through a vast stretch in my post-teen years where I either didn't seem to have the opportunity or gumption to go to a lot of concerts.

    I saw Genesis twice (1980, 1982), Steve Hackett three times (1980, 2005 and 2013) and Peter Gabriel twice (2002 and 2012).

    The two that really stand out for me:

    • Genesis at CNE stadium in Toronto, 1982 (for years afterwards I would still get goosebumps just thinking about moments from that show); and

    • Steve Hackett at the Empire Theatre in Belleville, Ontario, 2013 (Salmacis, Hogweed, The Musical Box, BOTR - it was as if he'd asked me beforehand what I wanted to hear. I was just so thrilled and several times I pretended to scratch an itch and rub my face when in fact I was trying to discreetly wipe away tears of joy).

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  • Steve Hackett at the Royal Albert Hall in autumn 2013 - special guests included John Wetton, Roine Stolt, Ray Wilson, and Amanda Lehmann. Amazing show!!

  • Tough for me to pick also. The IT tour in Toronto was my first Genesis concert and had that "wow" moment of the first beats of Apocalypse in 9/8. The We Can't Dance tour was also memorable as I was lucky to have great seats and it was a great setlist. One of those two.

    For Peter Gabriel, possibly the So tour with the vari-lights, the great setlist, and one of his best touring bands.

    The only other member I've seen live is Steve Hackett on one of the Genesis Revisited tours, which was lots of fun.

  • guessing would have to say Hammersmith 82, can still remember certain parts of the show, and was a great experience as a 15 year old. Only with hindsight that this was probably their strongest live period (early 80s ) in my humble opinion.....Phil wearing a snorkel for Whodunnit makes me smile and of course hearing SR, but also some great other songs and a balanced set list, with a great closing/encore set of Lamb, Watcher and IKWIL

    also EC in 92 was great as had some great seats up front, and boys on fine form...

    , Steve back in the day on several solo tours in the early 80's when he focused on his own solo stuff and had a good tight band...Ian Moseley on drums included

  • Absolutely the Three Sides Live Tour in August 1982 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. To my taste it featured the best setlist of any post W&W tour. I guess we should have realized we were in for something special that night when they opened with DOAV. Supper's Ready was pure magic (and a huge surprise that it was on the setlist!), and the Lamb/Watcher encore was quite a treat. In addition the band was in top form musically and vocally with the "newer" material (Dodo; Abacab; Behind the Lines; Man on the Corner, etc). And as usual the In the Cage medley was fantastic. If only I could go back to those 2+hours of musical magic. It's an evening I'll always treasure.

  • Hi everyone

    I am new here and am looking around a bit.

    The last Genesis show in London was particularly special and emotional. My first show was actually Montreux 1987, back then I was there with my uncle who invited me. That's how I became a fan. So my best moments were not necessarily the best shows.

    The US show in Milan by Peter Gabriel was terrific - and not only because it was filmed there. Years later, I saw another show in Italy - in Taormina.

    So there are many memories, but it's hard for me to identify the best show from them.

  • For Genesis, the first time I saw them - Wembley 1987. Not the best setlist but the delivery was faultless and the atmosphere was incredible. Similar with Knebworth 92. Unfortunately I wasn't old enough for the earlier tours.

    Phil Collins - Wembley Arena 1990(?). Very slick.

    Steve Hackett - Royal Albert Hall 2013(?). Absolutely incredible show with some wonderful guest appearances including Ray Wilson.