Your favorite tracks on ... "i/o"

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    I have added Live And Let Live to this poll, which is now complete!

  • Right now it's This is home, Love can heal and of course Live and let live.

    Curious if I will still say that in a few weeks. Great album anyway.

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • Four Kinds of Horses as the best for me.

    I added "And Still". Not his most original music nor best lyrics quality-wise, but I feel a weird connection to it. I am usually not the kind of fan who identifies too much with songs, always trying to keep a reasonable emotional distance. But this one evokes memories of wandering through my parents' house after my mother's death, to a point that is even a bit uncomfortable, as if he was there when that happened and wrote the lyrics about me....

    And 'Love can Heal", for the hypnotic rhythm.

  • Fully onboard the Live and Let Live appreciation team. Currently my favourite song on i/o, which is honestly quite surprising. Didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, but PG’s Full Moon Update really had an impact.

    Live and Let Live

    The Court

    Love Can Heal

    (Four Kinds of Horses a close fourth)

  • (1) Playing for Time

    (2) i/o

    (3) So Much

    I connect to Playing for Time because it reminds me of how I feel that I'm running out of time in my life to accomplish everything I took for granted back when I was a teen. It also reminds me of the family members whom I love but have unfortunately perished.

    I love i/o (the song) because it further builds on Playing for Time in that it promotes the need to connect with others and seek meaningful and memorable experiences to enrich our lives. As someone who is somewhat introverted, I really connect to this one. As a bonus, it's a fabulous pop number, the type I didn't think Peter could produce anymore.

    As for So Much, it's just such a beautiful, powerful song. Peter is devastatingly honest and direct about his condition. And again, it hits on the theme of time, how we all desperately seek more of it to engage with those we love. But in the end, "this edition is limited" is true for all of us.

    No one asked, but here's how I rate the rest of i/o:

    (4) Love Can Heal

    (5) Four Kinds of Horses

    (6) The Court

    (7) Road to Joy

    (8) Panopticom

    (9) And Still

    (10) Live and Let Live

    (11) Olive Tree

    (12) This is Home

    Just my opinions. I HATE not having Love Can Heal and Horses higher, but it speaks to the greatness of this album. We all connect to music in different ways. But there isn't a single weak track on i/o. Love it!!!

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    I agree it’s hard to come up with three favorite tracks - the album is really good imo.
    interesting choice of tracks, somuch23 by the way. And welcome

  • Have started listening, having heard about half the monthly release songs once each in the course of that process. So it's all very new to me.

    Favorite by far is Four Kinds of Horses.

    Second by far is The Court.

    Third is probably And Still. I like the first half of Live and Let Live. Panopticom is a good bit stronger than I remember and a good opener.

    It's a much more varied album than Up, which I found to be an immediately immersive kind of experience and which I prefer to I/O by some distance so far - but it's really not a fair comparison until I've heard I/O a few more times and it's had a chance to bed in!

  • I changed my mind again!

    Road to joy

    Live and let live

    So much

    Especially So much has grown over time. Live and let live is a great album closer!

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • I can't precisely rate each track. There are too many that I really like.

    And some tracks are growing like I/O with I found too simple at first, but now I find it's melody quite strong and I love the lyrics.

    It's a great experience to listen to the whole album. The Atmos Mixes sound so good on my 5.1 system. It's very different from the AirPods experience. I wasn't convinced by some of the Atmos mixes on AirPods. The balance felt sometimes a little weird.

    My #1's are

    So Much

    And Still

    Strong #2:

    Playing For Time

    Four Kinds Of Horses

    Love Can Heal

    Live And Let Live

    Excellent #3:

    Road To Joy


    The Court


    and good #4 :

    Olive Tree

    This Is Home

  • Now that I finally have the album (got the Bright side mix on vinyl for Christmas) and I've been able to sit and give it a full listen, my top three are ever changing! The vinyl version of the release IMO has a richness and warmth that IMO is somewhat lost in mp3 format, which I had been listening to over the course of the year. It sounds amazing!

    My top 3 now are:


    Road To Joy

    Live and Let Live

    Four Kinds of Horses and Love Can Heal are close...the vinyl version IMO creates a balance and a fullness with these songs that make them sound amazing compared to what I remember from before!