Your favorite tracks on ... "Duke"

  • Your favorite tracks on "Duke" - pick THREE 83

    1. Behind The Lines (39) 47%
    2. Duchess (50) 60%
    3. Guide Vocal (5) 6%
    4. Man Of Our Times (16) 19%
    5. Misunderstanding (8) 10%
    6. Heathaze (28) 34%
    7. Turn It On Again (29) 35%
    8. Alone Tonight (2) 2%
    9. Cul-de-Sac (6) 7%
    10. Please Don't Ask (10) 12%
    11. Duke's Travels (46) 55%
    12. Duke's End (8) 10%

    Hello everybody!

    I'd like to carry on with the album song polls. So this time it's Duke. Select three tracks as usual.

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  • Harold

    Changed the title of the thread from “Your favorite track on ... "Duke"” to “Your favorite tracks on ... "Duke"”.
  • Turn It On Again (the song that got me into Genesis to begin with)


    Man of Our Times

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  • Behind the lines, which I loved on 3SL, Duchess which I love period and perhaps Heathaze, could be another one next week. Duke has grown on me exponentially throughout the decades.

  • Glad to see sense prevailing with Duchess, one of their best ever creations, leading. Then again, HeathazzzzzZZZZZe is currently 3rd so you never know.

    BTL and MOOT were my other two.

    Abandon all reason

  • Very difficult indeed to choose as the whole album is so strong, but I've always said my favourite is Man Of Our Times, and it remains so. Second I've put Duke's Travels. Third, it was very difficult to choose between Heathaze and Duchess, but in the end I went with the latter, but another day it could be different....8)

  • Duchess, Guide Vocal and Heathaze,, but, once again, the best track missed the final cut: Evidence of Autumn.

    I've always like EOA and Open Door and although not masterpieces, I've always thought they would have been better than a couple of tracks on the album.

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    I've always like EOA and Open Door and although not masterpieces, I've always thought they would have been better than a couple of tracks on the album.

    Man of our Times, maybe ?

    Alone Tonight?




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  • Man of our Times, maybe ?

    Alone Tonight?

    Oh no, not those, although I don't think Alone Tonight is that big of a deal and could have been another candidate.

    I made my dislike for Misunderstanding more than clear on several occasions and I like Please don't ask a lot, imo one of Phil's best ballads, I just think it's a Face Value song or at least not a Genesis song, neither musically, nor lyrically.

    To me at least, it always sounded odd and out of context on that album, whereas EOA and OD, whether good or bad, that is up to anyone's assessment, would have been more in context.

    It was just weird, listening to Phil singing about his or anyone's divorce for that matter on a Genesis album, It still is, at least to me. The song is brilliant and poignant though.

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  • Turn It On Again, Heathaze and (yes) Misunderstanding which I have always loved. I like Duchess but there is something about it I don't quite get. And while I like Behind The Lines I find the Face Value version punchier.

  • This one is a lot harder to just choose 3! I feel like I'm slighting a lot of good songs... I went with TIOA, which was my gateway to Genesis music after hearing the TSL version, Dukess Travels (I include Duke's End in that as well-not really sure how you can separate the two) and Duchess. I could have easily gone with BTL but have really been digging Duchess of late. Heathaze is up there but just short of the my top 4. I kind of lump all the rest in the next level except Misunderstanding which I've never really cared for.

  • I went for Behind the Lines and The two Duke closers. The opener is upbeat, holds the interest and has a great rhythm section. The two closers are a tour de force with a bit of mystery thrown in. I like a lot of this album. Turn it on again is a later classic short song and there’s not a bad track on it although I always felt the vocals of Man of our time were buried too deep in the mix.

  • Duchess, Man Of Our Times, Duke's Travels.

    This is what I picked, although I could have swapped MOOT out for BTL or TIOA. MOOT captures the sort of killer lurching HEAVY groove that they sometimes get into (Fly on a Windshield, Back in NYC, In that Quiet Earth). Great vocal by Phil too. Duchess is just a great story with a surprisingly straightforward chord progression. Duke's Travels is one of my favourite epic instrumentals period.

  • As the votes for this one otherwise seem to remain in anonymity, I'll own up:

    the way too obvious TIOA

    the horrible Misunderstanding


    All in all, Duke is one of my least favourite Genesis albums. I blame it completely on the production. If only they had stripped down their sound one album earlier.

  • I agree Duke's production is messy but I still rate it higher than ...And Then There Were Three..., which is their worst-sounding album, production-wise for me.

    I think the 2007 remix helped Duke not sound so muddy, but the squashed dynamics introduced more problems than it solved IMO.