Rank the albums!

  • .... I understand. Abacab is simply too strong to hear it in one go

    Well no, that really isn't my problem with Abacab and I happen to disagree with you assessment of that album being the most adventurous, to me that would be the Lamb which I find much bolder, musically, lyrically and in terms of steering the band away from known territories and as Phil said, is simply too much music sometimes, to absorb in one go. Abacab's material is imo simply too weak, there are 3 to 4 songs top which have some sort of relevance in the Genesis' songbook. I really cannot be bothered with stuff like the title track, NRAA, Whodunnit, LION and Another record. Don't get me wrong: I applaud the change of direction and if they had merged the best songs on Abacab and Shapes it would have been an incredibly strong album but as it is, I feel that Abacab is important because it laid down the new course and the incredible energy it exudes, not because of the songs per se. To me at least.

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  • Just to point out. Are you folks playing the entire albums or just tracks:?:

    I generally make a point of listening to albums in their entirety. If I have to interrupt an album midway through, I will usually pick up from where I left off and continue listening afterwards.

    There might be the odd album where I skip a song, and there may be the odd occasion where I just want to hear a couple of songs, but for the most part, if I put on a CD, I'm in for the duration.

  • Hi everyone - old Talking Shop member on a nostalgia trip here.

    I've loved the 'first' five albums equally since the Seventies (never bothered to listen to FGTR):


    Nursery Cryme


    Selling England By The Pound

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    I'm also awfully fond of the other two (A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering), and still listen to all of them a few times a year - mostly the big five, which are the band's definitive body of work AFAIC: adventurous, otherworldly, staggering stuff that's head and shoulders above the rest.

    Those seven studio albums plus Genesis Live and Seconds Out sum up Genesis for me. I liked ATTWT at the time, and didn't mind a few bits of Duke, Abacab, Genesis and even I Can't Dance (hated the other two with a passion), but it was really a different band by then, and I haven't heard any of the post-Hackett albums in eons.

    Oh, and I do tend to listen to those from start to finish, unless I feel a craving for a specific song... and I'm on Y*utube :)

  • Not easy and not a reflection on artistic merit, but based on what I tend to enjoy returning to most (for whatever reasons) and how I feel today I would go with:


    A Trick Of The Tail

    We Cant Dance


    Invisible Touch

    The Lamb

    Selling England

    Wind & Wuthering



    And Then There Were Three

    Nursery Cryme

    Calling All Stations


    From Genesis To Revelation